Artist                                       Song                                


ALO with Jack Johnson              Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (w/ ALO)                     

America                                   Lonely People                                                        

Amos Lee                                 Arms of a Woman                                                   

Amos Lee                                 Bottom Of The Barrel                                            

Amos Lee                                 El Camino                                                              

Amos Lee                                 Night Train                                                            

Amos Lee                                 Shout Out Loud                                                    

Amos Lee                                 Skipping Stone                                                       

Amos Lee                                 Street Corner Preacher                                          

Amos Lee                                 Truth                                                                    

Amos Lee                                 What's Been Going On?                                           

Amy Winehouse                        Valerie                                                                   

Avett Brothers                          (The) Ballad of Love & Hate                                      

Avett Brothers                          February Seven                                                       

Avett Brothers                          Live and Die

Avett Brothers                          Swept Away                                                           

Band (The)                              The Weight                                                                                                              

Barefoot Truth                          All Good Reasons                                                   

Barenaked Ladies                       Brian Wilson                                                           

Barenaked Ladies                       For You                                                                 

Barenaked Ladies                       If I Had a $1,000,000                                              

Beatles                                      All My Lovin'                                                         

Beatles                                      Blackbird                                                               

Beatles                                      For No One                                                            

Beatles                                      Girl                                                                       

Beatles                                      In My Life                                                             

Beatles                                      Lady Madonna                                                       

Beatles                                      Rocky Raccoon                                                      

Beatles                                      When I'm Sixty Four                                                

Beatles                                      You've Got to Hide Your Love Away                       

Ben Folds                                 Fred Jones Part II                                                  

Ben Harper                               Another Lonely Day                                               

Ben Harper                               Diamonds On The Inside                                        

Ben Harper                               In The Lord's Arms                                                

Ben Harper                               Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating   

Ben Harper                               Power Of The Gospel                                             

Ben Harper                               She's Only Happy In The Sun                                   

Ben Harper                               Widow Of a Living Man                                          

Billy Joel                                  Only The Good Die Young                                      

Bing Crosby                              Swingin On a Star                                                   

Black Keys (The)                       Little Black Submarines                                    

BlackStreet                              No Diggity                                                             

Blues Traveler                           Runaround                                                            

Bob Dylan                                All Along the Watchtower                                      

Bob Dylan                                Don't Think Twice                                                 

Bob Dylan                                Knockin' on Heaven's Door                                     

Bob Dylan                                The Mighty Quinn                                                  

Bob Dylan                                The Times They Are a Changin'                               

Bobby Troup                             Route 66                                                                

Bruce Springsteen                     Dancin In The Dark

Bruce Springsteen                     I'm On Fire

Bruce Springsteen                     Red Headed Woman

Bruce Springsteen                     Streets Of Philadelphia  

Bruce Springsteen                     Thunder Road                                            

Bruno Mars                               Natalie                                                                     

Buffalo Springfield                    For What It's Worth                                                

Cat Stevens                               Another Saturday Night                                         

Cat Stevens                               Where Do the Children Play?                                  

Charlie Daniels Band                  Long Haired Country Boy                                       

Chris Isaak                                Graduation Day                                                     

Chris Stapleton                          Broken Halos

Chris Stapleton                           What Are You Listening To?

Chris Thomas King                    John Law Burned Down the Liquor Store               

Clancy Brothers (The)                Beer Beer Beer                                                                                              

Clint Black                                Spend My Time                                                      

Coolio                                      Gangsta's Paradise                                          

Counting Crows                        Mr Jones

Counting Crows                         Rain King                                                               

Creedence Clearwater Revival     Bad Moon Rising                                                    

Creedence Clearwater Revival     Down On the Corner                                             

Creedence Clearwater Revival     Proud Mary                                                           

Crosby Stills & Nash                  Teach Your Children 

Crosby Stills Nash & Young         Helplessly Hoping                                             

Crowded House                         Don't Dream It's Over                                           

Cure (The)                                Friday I'm in Love                                                   

Cure (The)                                Love Song                                                              

Damien Rice                             Cannonball                                                            

Darius Rucker                           Alright       

Dave Matthews                            So Damn Lucky                           

Dave Matthews Band                  #41                                                              

Dave Matthews Band                  Gravedigger                                                           

Dave Matthews Band                  I'll Back You Up

Dave Matthews Band                  Oh                                                                        

Dave Matthews Band                  Say Goodbye                                                          

Dave Matthews Band                  The Maker                                                             

Dave Matthews Band                  Where Are You Going                                             

David Gray                               Babylon                                                                 

David Wilcox                            Advertising Man                                                    

Death Cab for Cutie                   I Will Follow You Into the Dark                               

Deep Blue Something                 Breakfast at Tiffany's                                             

Deirks Bentley                           How Am I Doin'                                                     

Dion                                         Son of Skip James                                                  

Dispatch                                   Circles Around The Sun

Dispatch                                   Get Ready Boy

Dispatch                                   Out Loud                                                              

Dispatch                                   The General                                                           

Donovan Frankenreiter               Call Me Papa                                                         

Donovan Frankenreiter               Heading Home                                                       

Doobie Brothers                        Black Water                                                           

Drivin 'N' Cryin'                         Straight To Hell

Eagles (The)                             Peaceful Easy Feeling                                             

Eagles (The)                             Take It Easy                                                          

Ed Sheeran                                Perfect                   

Ed Sheeran                               The "A" Team                                                        

Ed Sheeran                               Thinking Out Loud                                                 

Eddie Vedder                            Big Hard Sun                                                         

Eddie Vedder                            Guaranteed                                                           

Eddie Vedder                            Rise

Elias McDaniel                          Before You Accuse Me                                          

Elle King                                  Ex's & Oh's

Elton John                                Rocket Man

English Beat (The)                     Save It For Later                                                  

Eric Clapton                              Motherless Child                                                   

Flogging Molly                           If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Foo Fighters                              My Hero                                                                  

Foo Fighters                              Learn to Fly                                                           

Foo Fighters                              Times Like These                                                   

Foster the People                       Pumped Up Kicks                                                  

G Love                                     Stepping Stone                                                       

G. Love                                    Sunshine                                                                

George Gershwin                       Summertime                                                           

Glenn Phillips                            Go

Glenn Phillips                            Grief and Praise

Gnarls Barkley                          Crazy

Grand Funk Railroad                  Some Kind of Wonderful                                        

Grateful Dead                            Brown Eyed Women

Grateful Dead                            Deal                                                                      

Grateful Dead                            Deep Elem Blues                                                    

Grateful Dead                            Franklin's Tower

Grateful Dead                            Friend of the Devil                                                 

Grateful Dead                            Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad                            

Grateful Dead                            Ripple                                                                    

Grateful Dead                            Scarlet Begonias                                                     

Green Day                                Boulevard of Broken Dreams                                  

Green Day                                Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)                         

Green Day                                Holiday                                                                  

Harry Chapin                            Cats In the Cradle                                                 

Hootie and The Blowfish.        Let Her Cry

Howie Day                                Collide                                                                  

INXS                                        Don't Change

INXS                                        Never Tear Us Apart                                             

Israel Kamakawiwo' ole              Somewhere Over The Rainbow                                

Jack Johnson                             Breakdown                                                            

Jack Johnson                             Constellations                                                        

Jack Johnson                             Do You Remember?                                                

Jack Johnson                             Fall Line                                                                 

Jack Johnson                             Gone                                                                     

Jack Johnson                             Holes to Heaven                                                     

Jack Johnson                             Lullaby                                                                  

Jack Johnson                             Sitting Waiting Wishing                                           

Jack Johnson & G. Love             Rodeo Clowns                                                        

Jackie Greene                            Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind

Jackie Greene                            Gone Wanderin 

Jackie Greene                            Honey I've Been Thinking About You

Jackie Greene                            I Don't Live in a Dream                                          

Jackie Greene                            Like A Ball And Chain                                          

James Taylor                             Fire and Rain                                                          

James Taylor                             Sweet Baby James                                               

Jars of Clay                               Amazing Grace                                                      

Jason Isbell                              The Songs That She Sang In The Shower

Jason Mraz                                I'm Yours                                                               

Jason Mraz                                Lucky                                                                     

Jesse Fuller                               San Francisco Bay Blues                                         

Jesse Fuller                               The Monkey and The Engineer                                

Jim Croce                                 Bad Bad Leroy Brown                                            

Jim Croce                                 Car Wash Blues                                                      

Jim Croce                                 Roller Derby Queen                                                

Jim Croce                                 You Don't Mess Around With Jim                           

Jimi Hendrix                          Hey Joe

Jimi Hendrix                             Little Wing                                                             

Jimi Hendrix                             The Wind Cries Mary                                             

Jimmy Buffett                           Bama Breeze                                                          

Jimmy Buffett                           Changes In Latitudes                                             

Jimmy Buffett                           Distantly In Love                                                   

Jimmy Buffett                           Five O'Clock Somewhere                                         

Jimmy Buffett                           Great Filling Station Hold Up                                  

Jimmy Buffett                           Margaritaville                                                         

Jimmy Buffett                           Pirate Looks at Forty                                             

JJ Grey                                     99 Shades of Crazy                                                 

Joe Nichols                               If Nobody Believed In You                                      

John Craigie                            I Am California

John Denver                             Country Roads                                                      

John Denver                             Grandma's Feather Bed                                           

John Denver                             I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado

John Denver                             Take Me To Tomorrow                    

John Hiatt                                 Feels Like Rain                                                       

John Lennon                             Imagine

John Prine                                 Angel From Montgomery                                         

John Prine                                 Dear Abby                                                             

John Prine                                 Grandpa Was a Carpenter                                      

John Prine                                 Plastic Jesus                                                          

John Prine                                 Please Don't Bury Me                                            

John Prine                                 Sam Stone                                                              

John Prine                                 The Other Side of Town                                         

John Prine                                 Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Johnny Cash                              Cocaine Blues                                                        

Johnny Cash                              Folsom Prison Blues                                                

Johnny Cash                              Long Black Veil                                                      

Johnny Cash                              Worried Man                                                         

Josh Kelley                               Amazing                                                                

Jungle Book                              Bare Necessities

Joshua Radin                             Winter                                                                   

Justin Bieber                             Love Yourself                                                        

Keb Mo'                                   France                                                                   

Keb Mo'                                   Lullaby Baby Blues                                                 

Keb Mo'                                   Shave Yo Legs                                                        

Keller Williams                         Porta Potty                                                           

Kenny Chesney                          Anything But Mine                                                 

Kenny Chesney                          Me and You                                                           

Kenny Chesney                          Old Blue Chair                                                       

Kenny Loggins                          Danny's Song                                                         

Knarles Barkley                        Crazy

Leadbelly                                  Where Did You Sleep Last Night                             

Lemon Heads                            Into Your Arms                                                      

Lenny Kravitz                           Fly Away                                                                

Live                                         Lightning Crashes                                                  

Lobo                                        I'd Love You To Want Me                                       

Louis Armstrong                       Makin' Whoopee                                                     

Lyle Lovett                               If I Had A Boat                                                     

Lyle Lovett                               She's No Lady                                                        

Lynard Skynard                         The Ballad of Curtis Lowe                                     

Malvina Reynolds                      Little Boxes

Martin Sexten                            Diner                                                                    

Matchbox Twenty                      3 AM

Matchbox Twenty                      Bright Lights                                                         

Matchbox Twenty                       Disease

Matchbox Twenty                      I Will                                                                     

Matchbox Twenty                      Unwell                                                                   

Matt Nathansen                          All We Are                                                             

Men At Work                              Down Under                                                                

Miranda Lambert                       House That Built Me                                             

Needtobreathe                           Washed by the Water

Neil Young                               Heart of Gold

Neil Young                               Old Man

Neil Young                               Sugar Mountain

Nina Simone                             Trouble In Mind                                                    

Oasis                                        Champagne Supernova                                            

Oasis                                        Wonderwall                                                            

Old Crow Medicine Show           Big Time In the Jungle                                            

Old Crow Medicine Show           Take 'em Away                                                       

Old Crow Medicine Show           Tell It to Me                                                          

Old Crow Medicine Show           Wagon Wheel                                                          

Passenger                                  I Hate                                                                   

Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel)      Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard

Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel)      Mrs. Robinson                                                       

Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel)      Slip Sliding Away                                                    

Pearl Jam                                  Better Man                                                            

Pearl Jam                                  Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town 

Pearl Jam                                  Just Breathe                                                          

Pete Seeger                               Pay Me My Money Down                                        

Peter Gabriel                             Sledgehammer                              

Phillip Phillips                            Miles

Phish                                        Back On The Train                                                 

Phish                                        Farmhouse                                                              

Phish                                        Waste                                                                    

Pogues (The)                             Dirty Old Town

Pogues (The)                             Fairy Tale Of New York                                      

Prince                                       Purple Rain                                                            

Pure Prairie League                   Amie                                                                     

Randy Newman                         Fells Like Home

Randy Newman                         Political Science                                                     

Randy Newman                         You've Got a Friend in Me                                      

Ray Charles                               Hallelujah I Love Her So                                         

REM                                        Don't Go Back to Rockville                                    

Robert Cray                              I Guess I Showed Her                                            

Robert Johnson                          32-20 Blues                                                             

Robert Johnson                          From Four Until Late                                              

Robert Johnson                          Me and The Devil Blues                                

Rolling Stones                           All Over Now                                                         

Rolling Stones                           Dead Flowers                                                         

Rolling Stones                           Satisfaction                                                           

Rolling Stones                           Spider and the Fly                                                  

Rolling Stones                           Sweet Virginia

Rolling Stones                           Sympathy for the Devil                                           

Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown)       16 Days 

Ryan Adams                              Everbody Knows                                                    

Ryan Adams                              New York New York                                               

Ryan Adams                              Rescue Blues                                                         

Ryan Adams                              When the Stars Go Blue                                         

Ryan Montbleau                        Chariot                                                                 

Sam Cooke                               Cupid                                                                       

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs  Lil Red Riding Hood                                               

Santana w/ Chad Kroeger           Why Don't You and I                                              

Scarecrow (The)                        If I Only Had a Brain                                              

Seal                                          Crazy                                                                    

Semisonic                                 Closing Time                                                          

Shawn Mullins                          Joshua                                                                  

Shirelles (The)                          Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow                            

Simple Minds                              Don't You Forget About Me

Sisterhazel                                All For You                                                            

Slaid Cleaves                             Breakfast In Hell                                                    

Slaid Cleaves                             Broke Down                                                          

Slaid Cleaves                             Devil's Lullaby                                                        

Slaid Cleaves                             Drinking Days                                                        

Slaid Cleaves                             Horses and Divorces                                              

Slaid Cleaves                             Horseshoe Lounge                                                 

Slaid Cleaves                             Quick as Dreams                                                    

Slaid Cleaves                             Tiger Tom Dixon                                                    

Slaid Cleaves                             Wishbones                                                              

Sonny Boy Williamson               Your Funeral My Trial                                            

Steve Miller Band                      Dance Dance Dance                                              

Steve Miller Band                      The Joker                                                              

Stevie Nicks                              Landslide                                                               

Stevie Ray Vaughan                   Pride and Joy                                                        

Sublime                                    Bad Fish                                                                

Taj Mahal                                 Mind Your Own Business                                       

Taylor Swift                             Shake It Off                                                              

Tennessee Ernie Ford                 16 Tons                                                                  

The Animals                             House of the Rising Sun                                         

The Cranberries                     Dreams

TFDI                                       Slow It Down

The Cars                                 Drive

The Devil Makes 3                  Old No. 7

The Revivalists                       Wish I Knew You

The Wood Brothers                   Luckiest Man

The Wood Brothers                  Neon Tombstone

The Wood Brothers                    The Muse

Tim McGraw                            If You're Reading This                                            

Toad the Wet Sprocket               California Wasted

Toad the Wet Sprocket               Fly From Heaven

Toad the Wet Sprocket               Walk On The Ocean                                               

Tom Petty                                 Wildflowers                                                            

Tom Petty                                 Yer So Bad                                                            

Tom Petty                                 You Don't Know How It Feels                                 

Tom Petty                                 You Wreck Me                                                       

Tommy Tutone                         Jenny (867-5309)

Tonic                                       If You Could Only See                                            

Tony Lucca                               Pretty Things                                                         

Tony Lucca                               The Hustler, The Widow, & The Boy From Detroit   

Turnpike Troubadours            Diamonds and Gasolins

Tyler Childers                         Charleston Girl

Traditional                                Froggie Went a Courtin'                                          

Traditional                                I'll Fly Away                                                            

Traditional                                John Henry                                                            

Traditional                                Just a Closer Walk With Thee                                 

Traditional                                Oh Mary Don't You Weep                                       

Traditional                                Old Dan Tucker                                                    

Traditional                                St. James Infirmary                                                

Train                                        Marry Me                                                              

Twenty One Pilots                     We Don't Believe What's On TV                          

Tyler Hilton                              When It Comes                                                      

Tyrone Wells                            More                                                                     

U2                                           Bad                                                                       

U2                                              Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Uncle Tupelo                            Highways and Cigarettes                                        

Van Morrison                            And It Stoned Me                                                  

Van Morrison                            Brown Eyed Girl                                                    

Van Morrison                            Crazy Love                                                            

Van Morrison                            Into the Mystic                                                      

Van Morrison                            Wild Night                                                             

Verve Pipe (The)                       Colorful                                                                

Warren Haynes                          Soulshine                                                               

White Stripes (The)                   We Are Going to be Friends                                    

Who (The)                                Won't Get Fooled Again                                          

Zac Brown Band                        Colder Weather                                                     

Zac Brown Band                        Highway 20 Ride                                                     

Zac Brown Band                        Toes                                                                      




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